Infographic copywriting: Customer insights in paint and coatings

Global paint, coatings and specialty chemicals producer AkzoNobel asked MSL Group London to create a series of infographics aimed at their employees. These graphics would present findings of their annual customer service research as posters for display in common areas. AkzoNobel wanted to use these to place customers’ wishes firmly in the minds of employees.

MSL Group contracted me to write copy for these infographics.

Copywriting for infographics

The copywriting challenge

AkzoNobel asked for six infographics: five for each department and one for the company overall. The finding would come from independent, detailed reports of nearly 80 pages each.

The infographics would also be translated into more than ten local languages.

My response

The reports included many more questions than could be included in an infographic. I gained the client’s agreement to select at most 10 results. I then identified the results I felt would work best. My criteria were that the results must:

  • be easily understood ‘at a glance’
  • suggest outcomes employees could reasonably work towards
  • encourage discussion.

To ensure the project didn’t become unnecessarily complex, the client agreed to use the same findings for all six infographics.

I presented my suggested 10 questions, with a few alternates. The client agreed with my selections. I then went about rewriting the questions and answers in plain language, comparing my interpretations carefully against the original language to ensure I hadn’t changed meaning. I showed these to the Creative Director and other team members to make sure I was on the right track. I received great feedback on clarity and brevity.

I then began to work with the graphic designer to start mocking up the infographic. My undergrad knowledge of statistics meant I could advise on ways to present each finding that would not be confusing or misleading.

The results

Through several drafts, internally reviewed and referred to the client, we were able to come to a final format that was very positively received.

AkzoNobel customer insight infographic copywriting example - portrait orientation

As you can see, AkzoNobel very much took on my advice that ‘less is more’ when it comes to infographics, agreeing to reduce from the originally suggestion of ten findings to the final six.

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