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New Zealand-based e-commerce brand All Things with Wings asked us to write product descriptions for 16 of their bestsellers. The product descriptions were to be included in their website of carefully curated, well-photographed products aimed at fans of birds, bats, dragons, spitfires and more.

Every setting for product descriptions, and every brand, needs a different approach. Whether it’s describing a product in Amazon, eBay or your own online shop, understanding what the audience cares about matters.

Seeing the audience as individuals

The products are clearly fun and off-beat, a great fit for the target audience of subculture enthusiasts.

Brand owner Lana knew she needed quirky product descriptions and unique, natural product naming. We felt this was the right track. Highlighting uniqueness and appealing to the ideal buyer opens up potential to reach new customers.

Jewellery product description writing

Picturing the audience as real people also helps brands take the right risks. Measured risk-taking with copy is vital in an age where businesses sink or swim on social sharing. Our product descriptions for All Things with Wings mention red wine, riding your motorcycle at high speed and Anglo Saxon epic sagas. We used words like metamorphosis, nocturnal and serpentine. This kind of language won’t work for all audiences, and that’s the point: it’s a personal message for the right people.

Product description copywriting fashion clothing

This way of rethinking Unique Selling Points (USPs) from the customer perspective appears in an episode of US 1960s ad agency drama Mad Men. In this episode, copywriter Peggy and her colleagues persuade a client that rather than hearing the brand has “hundreds of colours”, buyers want one colour that feels like hers alone.

Writing for search

We put some thought into search keywords as we wrote. Including pride in a description of a rainbow lorikeet painting invites an LGBT+ audience. Where there are bats, vampire and blood bring followers.

Product description copywriting for bat phone case

We also blended likely search keywords into the unique product names as much as possible, while keeping them natural.

Telling stories

Lifestyle products like jewellery, homeware and novelty clothing sell because they help us talk about what we love and look the way we feel.

With this in mind, we looked for ways to tell stories that a customer could relate to, with all the humour and high camp owl Dracula cushions and faux-pewter dragon tankards demand. We researched what audiences were talking about on Instagram and checked everything we said was accurate. With fans and enthusiasts, details matter.

Writing product descriptions for homeware

Answering the right questions

Most customers will go somewhere else if they don’t find the information they need about the product.

We thought carefully about what details product photography couldn’t capture. We thought about natural ways to include scale, materials and features like picture-hanging or attachment mechanisms in copy, as well as in bullet points for scan-reading.

Product description writing silver child's necklace

Style-related goods are often spur-of-the-moment purchases, so including the right details lets buyers make that instant decision.

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