My clients say

Here’s some recent client feedback on my copywriting and content strategy. I can also provide referees on request.

“It took us a long time to realise our content was why we weren’t getting the best applicants. I’d say we have half the recruitment challenges we had a year ago thanks to your content strategy. I’m so glad we took the punt!”

“Suraya’s writing is thoroughly researched, accurate and easy to follow. Our team especially appreciated learning how she formats content so that it can be published in seconds. It saves us a lot of time.”

“Absolutely efficient, professional and a pleasure to deal with, Suraya quickly got who we were and was able to present us, through her words, the way we wanted to be presented.”

“You have an amazing talent that I’m quite envious of. You make the words sing.”

“You’ve made a phenomenal contribution to establishing the new role, building credibility, establishing our working practices and setting high standards of strategic content work.”

“I wish we could duplicate her, given she’s often booked!”

“She has an innately user-focused way of thinking. She asks good and sometimes challenging questions, makes pertinent observations  and has a calm way of exposing her rationale that – alongside her obvious experience and intelligence – gives her real credibility.”

“She’s established herself as a respected team member. I’ve enjoyed working with her and have found her contributions add real value. I’ve only heard good things from other people!”

“I can’t fault my interactions with Suraya. She is thorough and has a good eye for detail, which is great for editorial work. She proactively follows up to make sure the client is happy. She deeply considers all feedback.”

“Suraya isn’t precious, and is always willing to work with what she’s got, delivering a quality outcome that meets stakeholder needs. She’s hugely resilient!”

“She’s extremely approachable and always open to sharing her thoughts and guidance.”

“Even when I imagine she’s under pressure, she is thoughtful and calm. It puts those around her at ease – a huge asset in a pressured environment.”

“Engaged and attentive to the project, she gives insights in all areas. Suraya also understands of how her area fits into the wider picture: essential for properly strategic input.”

“The uplift in site visitors has been impressive – we weren’t expecting it to go up so much. I don’t suppose we could have you full time?”

“You have done such a great job making the whole thing clearer for our customers.”

“We were so impressed with the professionalism with which the team – especially Suraya – went about this whole project.”

“This is the best press release I’ve ever read!”